Our Team at ROLC serves in various ministries and areas to bring our vision to life: 

Connecting People with God & With Each Other.


    Dr. Craig Lauterbach is a Graduate of Messiah College and St. Thomas Christian University & Seminary. He is a gifted speaker and author with more than forty years of ministry experience. Pastor Lauterbach is also the President & CEO of Craig Lauterbach Ministries and LifeWord Publishing. He is the Lead Pastor for River of Life Church and together with his wife Cindy, they serve our congregation, community and beyond. For additional information on Dr. Craig Lauterbach visit: &


  • Cindy Lauterbach - Executive Administrator / Kid's Ministry director

    Cindy Lauterbach is the wife of our Lead Pastor and serves as the Executive Administrator and Kid's Ministry Director for River of Life Church. After graduating from Messiah College, she enjoyed a successful career in corporate America as a banking executive. When church ministry demands grew, she felt compelled to leave her secular career and join the executive team at River of Life Church. In addition to her business skills, Cindy is a gifted speaker and teacher. 


  • Jordan Schmitt - youth director

    Jordan Schmitt earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he went on to complete a Master of Arts degree from Luther Rice Seminary. While working as an executive in the business world, he received and responded to God’s call for Christian service. Jordan oversees the Youth Ministries Department of River of Life Church. With the support of his wife Lindsay, along with their daughter Molly, he provides weekly teaching and activities for our teenagers.


  • chelsea alexander - worship DIRECTOR

  • amanda wirt - asst. worship DIRECTOR

    Amanda Wirt is a graduate of Temple University. She has worked in social work and business development but her first love has always been music.

    She has a strong foundation in music and the arts as well as leadership experience in church choirs, including choir direction. She believes followers of Christ should use their gifts for God and has dedicated much of her adult life serving in churches. She and her family have been attending The River since 2020. 


  • doug oines - media director

    Doug Oines spent 44 years in executive roles in the motion picture industry.  He experienced God's calling  to serve and has been a leader in various roles in church ministry for nearly 40 years.  Doug leads our media team to provide a God-honoring worship experience both in-house and online, developing content to support our mission.  Additionally, Doug serves on our Board of Elders and is the treasurer for River of Life Church.


  • emile bahou - asst. media director

    Emile Bahou completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Lehigh University and is employed by a major technology company as a computer engineer.  He’s always had a passion for music, with a background in music theory and playing multiple instruments.


    Emile was called to use his gifts in technology and his passion for music to serve as the assistant media director on The River’s media production team. He wants to use his skills to help bring people closer to God by having a Kingdom heart, creative eyes, and a discerning ear that enables people to move into a deeper relationship with God.