relaunch information

We welcome you to come and visit us.  At this time, we are operating at limited capacity, please take some time to watch the video and read the important information provided to know what to expect.




Worship Services

ROLC will be open for public worship beginning on Sunday, June 14. We will provide two services, 9:00am and 11:00am with reserved seating required. Wednesday evening Service will only be available on Livestream.


Reserved Seating

Occupancy will be based on social distancing guidelines, which will significantly reduce normal seating capacity. To accommodate this, we are requesting that everyone to reserve your seats in advance at After registering, print your receipt or save it on your phone. When you enter the church, you’ll present your reservation at that time. This is the best available option in providing equal opportunity for everyone to secure seating. If you forget to make a reservation, walk-ins are welcome based on available seating.

Building Entrance & Exit

For everyone’s safety, ROLC will have one designated entrance and one designated exit. Upon arrival, everyone will use the front entrance to access the church. Social distancing markers will be visible on the external sidewalk and internal flooring. Prior to entering the facility, everyone’s temperature will be taken with a non-touch thermometer. An usher will then escort you to your reserved seating. Church bulletins will be emailed in advance to eliminate unnecessary contact. At the conclusion of service, the assigned exit will be the side door by the church parking lot. People will be dismissed by sections.


Face Masks
There are differing opinions regarding the use of face masks. The following is what ROLC expects from its attendees. As suggested by the CDC and PA Department of Health, face masks will be required when entering and exiting the church facility. Once seated, masks can be removed during worship. All seating is social distance sensitive. If someone needs to move from their assigned seat to address a personal or family need, the mask should be worn. By Order of the Secretary of the PA Department of Health, children 2 & under are not required to wear a mask. Also exempt are those medically restricted from wearing a mask due to existing health reasons.


Children’s Ministry

There will be no Children’s Ministry provided onsite at this time. Until we resume our normal programing, children are welcome to attend and sit with their family members. In the meantime, our Children’s and Youth Departments will continue to provide many online options.


ROLC eChurch

Some people may feel uncomfortable participating in public worship at this time, especially those with health issues, including compromised immune systems. These individuals are encouraged to take advantage of our eChurch Campus. Both our Doylestown and eChurch Campuses are equally important and receive the same level of excellence and attention.


Facility Cleanliness
All main areas of the church will be sanitized before each of the two services. This will include disinfecting handrails, switches, door handles, etc., as well as spraying seats and disinfecting all bathrooms. As it pertains to air quality, our air conditioning system and air handlers enable us to replace the sanctuary air many times per hour, while introducing fresh, outside air into the building.


Public Fellowship

Our Core Values are, “Connecting with God and One Another.” We understand the desire to fellowship, however we would respectfully request that everyone exercise appropriate social distancing in the parking lot. Church neighbors and cars passing by are watching. We want our witness to reflect our right to assemble and worship, without appearing to be irresponsible or defiant. In addition, we need to make room for cars and people who will be attending the 11:00am service.


Thank You

These are unprecedented times. We are all navigating through unfamiliar territory. Your support and cooperation during this time will enable ROLC to transition smoothly into a new season of blessing. THANK YOU!